Monday, March 30, 2009

Those dang parties where you have to buy something.

I always get suckered into going to these parties. Premier jewelry....Mary kay.....Pampered chef. And, I always end up buying something because I feel that I have to. Then, they try and sucker you into hosting your own party. I was strong this time and walked away before she could ask me. Ha!

My sister hosted a pampered chef party this weekend that I was obligated to attend. She told me prior to the party that we'd be having mexican lasagna and some fruit cookie concoction for dessert. She neglected to tell me that the lady would be preparing it during the party and it wouldn't be ready until the end. I went on a 23 mile bike ride that morning and didn't eat before the party. I was STARVING. I had to stuff myself with carrots/dip and champagne punch until the food was ready.

Before you ask, yes, I bought something. Told you, I'm a sucker.

She made the lasagna in this pan. It comes with a book with all these recipes that you can make. The lasagna was super yummy, so, I bought the dang dish.
I liked this contraption. It's called a hold'n slice....kind of self explanatory. Um, you stab an onion with it and then slice it. That way your hands don't get all smelly.

I didn't buy these because I already have them. I LOVE them. It scrapes all the food and yuck off plates and pots. I get annoyed when I'm somewhere and they aren't there by the sink for me to use.

Now you know all about Pampered Chef so you don't need to attend one. Be strong people!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sweet Miller!

Since my office is close to Medical City, I got to visit Miller last night. Robin and I went up to the hospital for his 8pm feeding and a little snuggle time. He is super sweet and is definitely ready to go home. Robin's a pro at the diaper changing already...especially the poopy ones!

While we were there, the nurse admired Miller's "package".

She commented on it.


I tried to keep a straight face, but, one look at Robin and hysterical laughter erupted.

Look at this sweet face!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Who won?

My beast-sitting is over! Woo Hoo! Sunday afternoon at 4:15pm, I picked up the family from the airport. They were entertained by my stories of Catcher and swore to me that his early morning routine from Thursday was not the norm. I highly disagree!

The question on your mind: Who won? I'm going to call it a draw. Yes, the beasts were ahead as of Thursday, but, I didn't murder them and finally got a good night's sleep. My family thinks that I lost, though. If it means that I NEVER have to beast-sit again, then, I'll gladly say that I lost.

I only got one more picture from the last three days with the beasts and it's Tom being attacked from Catcher. He thinks he's a crazy dog, too.

Here the other crazy part...they have a third dog! He is even more obnoxious than Catcher. His name is Rosco and he's a "Heinz 57" puppy. My sister put him in doggy obedience school for the week because she knew that there would only be two dogs when they came back if I had to watch all three....maybe even only Diezel left. How can you resist his face?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Why I don't have a dog...or live in a 2 story home

So, I went to a step class yesterday morning....calves are killing me this morning.

Here is how my morning is going:

4am: Catcher decides he needs to tee tee and starts whining to go out. I get up and take him downstairs and put him in the backyard. Diezel - snoozing in his kennel.

4:30am: Catcher decides he wants back into the house and barks continuously until I get up and go bring him back upstairs. Diezel - snoozing in his kennel.

5:05am: Catcher decides he wants to go back outside and starts to BARK in his kennel. I get up and take him back downstairs and into the backyard. I also get Diezel up and take him out, too.

5:30am: Alarm goes off to get up to go to the gym.

5:40am: After the 2nd snooze, I actually get up and start getting ready to leave for the gym.

5:41am: Catcher starts barking continuously at "something" outside.

5:45am: I have to go back downstairs and put him inside for the day and he doesn't get to enjoy the outdoors because he CAN'T KEEP HIS BIG MOUTH SHUT!! Diezel - snoozing in the backyard.

5:47am: I leave for the gym to go to bootcamp.

Kill me now.

Beasts = 2
Me = 1

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

They think they are so cute....

Not much to report. I don't think anyone scored this round. They tried to show they were cute, but, I am cold-hearted.

I've discovered the doggy treats and they keep them in line. I hope I don't run out before Sunday!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Day Two...we're even

Well, I got the reinforcements that I needed. My little sister, Stephanie Michelle, came over with her aggressor to help me. We took Catcher out for a walk and he made an ass out of himself. He did not care for other dogs and about ripped my arm out of the socket trying to get to them.

My sister, the helper.

Kelly, the aggressor.

How did I win this round, you ask? Check out the pics below!

Ha ha, suckers!
Let's see what tomorrow reinforcements are gone.

Me = 1
Beasts = 1

Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's me versus them....

The beasts will not conquer me. I am on dog-sitting duty through next Sunday for my sister. Ugh. I'm dealing with two dogs and a muddy backyard. Double Ugh. Our first battle has ended and it wasn't pretty.

Here are the beasts:

Diezel: Pros - sweet disposition, Cons - 160 lbs, slobber, and no feelings for stuffed animals.

Catcher: Pros - None, Cons - annoying, agile, knocks over barricades, likes to nose dive into the mud.

The first battle goes to the beasts. Unfortunately, below are two causalities of the war. I guess the dogs didn't like the stuffed animals looking at them and tore their eyes out. Vicious!

Me = 0
Beasts = 1

Stay tuned for more updates. I'm hoping for reinforcements tomorrow.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Anniversary Game!

It's our anniversary! Julie, Elizabeth and I have been attending one Mavs game every year since 2003. Most know the story, but, I'll give a refresher. We all worked together at THO and Elizabeth also worked on the stat crew at home games. She got Julie and me seats for the Mavs/Celtics game that year and we decided to go out after the game. Well, chaos reigned that night. There was me, running into people that I went to high school with (typical), Elizabeth, having to catch up to our drunkenness after the game so she overdid it, and Julie, trying to get Elizabeth to throw up outside her car and not in it. We had so much fun that we decided to make it an annual thing. We didn't let Elizabeth's moving to Boston last year stop us, either. We flew up there to keep the anniversary alive. That's us above at the game last year. I didn't like the picture of the three of us from my camera this year so you don't get to see it. :)

This year, we decided to attend the Mavs/Thunder game. Honestly, I had never heard of Oklahoma City Thunder. Who the heck were they? We also didn't let Julie's bronchitis slow us down, either. She got some drugs from the doctor and off we went. We had awesome seats in a suite this year! We felt so special. Thanks Gina!

After the game, Julie and I waited for Elizabeth at The Old No. 7 and witnessed some crazy people. There was the old man that kept making eyes at Julie. He wanted to dance sensually with her. There was also the weird guy that tried to put Julie's boot up his booty and also tried to put my purse down his pants. Ew.

There was also this girl in the pic below. Ladies, always pay attention to your booty or someone is going to get this picture:

After Elizabeth joined us, we went across the street to Boardroom for gossip and beer. We ended up back at Elizabeth's around 2am and were welcomed home with Doritos and Ben & Jerry's Cinnamon Bun Ice Cream (also another tradition that started last year). After watching SNL Top 10 digital shorts until 3:30am, we ended our night.

Robin and Gina came over in the morning for gossip and breakfast. Elizabeth made us a delicious spread of her special homemade casserole and cinnamon roll-ups. It was delicious!

I can't wait until next year's game, ladies!