Sunday, September 20, 2009

My First Longhorns Game!!

Greatness!! I went to my first Texas game and what a game is was! Woo Hoo! Sorry, Red Raider fans, the Horns kicked butt! My friend, Ginger, has season tickets and they were great seats. We were on the 45 yard line and got to see the entire field. Record attendance at this game: 101,297 peeps and I think every one of us were sweating machines. It was freaking hot and humid and I wished and wished for just a small breeze. But, I was denied.

I did get some really cool pictures during the game in between my screaming and clapping.

About halfway up the ramps to our seats...the crowd, before the game.

Pre-game fun!

Longhorns, coming onto the field.


After we won - going to shake hands.

The team and everyone in the crowd singing "The Eyes of Texas"

The tower and it's orangeness.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Granny turned 100 years old this past Sunday. How crazy is that? She is still a rockin' old lady, though. The entire family went up to Denton for lasagna, salad, and birthday cake. I picked up the cake from Costco. Ever had one? If not, you are missing out! Deliciousness!! I am VERY picky about my cakes and usually do not like filling. It always seem to make the cake part mushy. However, Costco makes a white cake with vanilla cheesecake filling. Yum.

Last year, my mom got one of those birthday cards that sing when you open them and Granny loved it. She still has it and opens it whenever we come over. Without even discussing it, we all got her that type of card. She now has four cards that sing a little song when she opens them. She just starts laughing and always seems surprised when it does it. It's pretty cute.

Here is the yummy cake!

Colin - waiting patiently for his Great-Granny to ask him to help her blow out the candles.

He got most of them, but, my brother had to help out on the other side of the cake.

Happy 100th Birthday to my Granny!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Vegas Baby!

Jetted to Vegas with my friend Marly for a few days. It was a girls' weekend of shopping, pool time, tasty beverages and gambling. I'd love to tell you everything we did, but, I have to abide by the Vegas rules. But, I will tell you that we had a blast and I am an awesome wingman.

Below are a few photos:

We stayed at New York, New York. Never stayed there before and I'd recommend it. The rooms were clean and the food was pretty good. However, the pool only gets direct sunlight for about three hours. That was probably good for me as I fry in the sun too long and don't know how to put sunscreen on appropriately.

We ended up going to Shadow Bar at Caesar's one night and discovered awesome cosmos. What was not awesome...the drinks were $15.50 apiece. Holy Moly!!

Marly, enjoying the cosmo....

My face after we received our bill for $31.00 for the two drinks.

Outside the Bellagio. We had to stop and rest our feet. It's so easy to forget how far the hotels really are from each other.

On the Vegas Strip....after a few beverages.

One funny story that I will share: We went to Margaritaville for drinks and dinner one night. We decided to eat/drink at the bar since the restaurant was pretty crowded. Marly ordered a margarita that was way too strong (according to her). She stopped the bartender and said, "I know you'll think badly of me, but, I cannot drink this. It's way too strong." Without missing a beat, the bartender responded with "Quit being a vagina and drink it" and kept walking. We were speechless for a split second and then almost fell out of our chairs because we were laughing so hard.