Sunday, July 19, 2009

I am a Triathlete.

Racheal, Kris, and me with our medals.

I rock. Just in case you didn't know. So do Kris, Racheal, Corrie, and Jeff. The triathlon was a success. By success, I mean we completed it. :) We don't need to discuss the 50 year old man who walked past me while I was "running". Or, the 67 year old woman who passed Kris on the biking portion.

Several people asked at the end of the race if I would be signing up for it next year. Uh, NO..or hell NO! Take your pick. First of all, don't ask me that question two minutes after I cross the finish line. I don't have the "joy" of crossing that finish line. It's more of relief that I don't have to swim, bike, or run a-n-y-m-o-r-e. You have to wait, at least, until my muscles stop quivering from fatigue. Geez. Honestly, I have no interest at this time to do another triathlon.

Swimming - not too bad. My heat was 4th to go and I wasn't kicked too badly. The water was warm which was kind of gross, but, I got through it pretty fast (I thought).

Biking - better than the practice tri from the week before. Unfortunately, my heart rate wouldn't calm down for the first 5 miles so that part was pretty tough to get through. Not sure if it was the adrenaline, the 5 hour energy, or the "Tired Legs" pills that Jeff gave me. I'm really glad that we went to the practice tri the week before so I was prepared for the hills.

Running - I HATE to run. The first mile was really hard and my calves felt like the were in knots. They finally calmed down enough for me to "run" (see beginning of the post to read again how fast I ran).


Me, Corrie, and Kris before heading down to the beach.

Me and Kris - before the big start.

Me - after the successful swim.

Me and Kris - coming in from the 17 mile bike ride.

Kris - at the finishline.

Me - hobbling across the finishline.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Getting ready for the Tri...

Next Sunday is the big triathlon. Kris and I have been extremely freaked about the swimming portion. It's 500 yards in the lake. I do not swim in lakes. Gross.

The sponsors had a free clinic this past weekend for the beginners - to give them pointers and help them get over their fears. We were SO glad we went to it. We got to go through the entire course and see what we're going to be up against.

Surprisingly, the swim was the easiest part. We swam in a small group so I'm sure I'll still have some troubles on Sunday when I'm swimming with 125 people in my heat. But, overall, the swimming was not bad. I think we had built it up to be so huge that our anxiety level was through the roof. We were completely relieved when we finished because A. we didn't drown, B. we didn't feel any kelp/seaweed and C. couldn't see anything in the water and were okay with it.

The biking was tough...of course, I haven't been on my bike since the MS ride in May. Um, not even to a spin class. Good one, Jen. Big hills, hot temperatures and not enough water did not make the bike ride fun. My chain fell off at the top of a hill that I went up at 4 mph. But, I didn't get off my bike like the lady in front of me did so I was successful there.

The run portion was just funny. I was so dehydrated by the time I got to the run that I ran about 25 feet and said "Screw this." and just walked the rest of it. It was so hot by that time, it was just ridiculous.

So, I'll be doing a little running, swimming, and spin class, hopefully this week to prepare. Wish me luck!

My small world sighting: Mike and Mimi Ostrom from the Ol' Heritage days were at the triathlon clinic. They are doing another tri so they won't be at the race this weekend.