Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ode to Nissan

During the holidays, people sometimes write about what they are thankful for or memories of previous holidays. I've decided to write an ode to my car. Why, you ask? Probably because I just paid it off and I also want to share some of my memories of the ol' Nissan.

This past Monday was the five year anniversary of when I bought her. She already had a few miles on her and a previous owner, but, I was so excited at her speed and color. Of course, I had to have red. First thing I did was get a good cleaning done. I didn't want anybody's cooties in MY car. Plus, I love a car that has clean shiny rims and tires. I always get the "tire dressing" whenever I get my car cleaned.

Some of the fun memories:

Having to remind people where Reverse is....sometimes I forget to tell people about pushing down the shifter before putting it in the reverse.

Laughing at the car dealership when they quoted me the price for new tires. I thought it was the price for all four, it was for one tire.

Driving to Houston in under three hours after being laid off earlier that morning. I was wanting to be pulled over so I could show the cop my ridiculous lay-off letter. That's how you tell someone they are being laid off? A letter on their desk? Not even in person? What cowards!

Cramming a too large suitcase in the floorboard of my front seat and my little sister trying to fold her legs around the suitcase so I could take her to the airport. She is such an over packer!

Having three people in the car on multiple occasions. Usually, Elizabeth is one of them. Not sure why we didn't take her huge Jeep out....maybe because we thought we weren't going to have a few too many and decide later that we needed to continue to party. In case you wondering, it's kind of hard to shift when a leg is laying across the shifter.

The block of concrete in the middle of the street that I thought I could run over. Wait, Elizabeth was with me then, too. I think she is no longer allowed in the Nissan.... The drunk lady who decided that SHE would be the one to get the concrete out from under my car. She had to yell at Elizabeth to get the big stick down the street so she could move the block where she could reach it.

The F-Bomb that was dropped in front of a church when I hit a median on a Sunday morning. My car and I will be in hell for that one. (I had to wait two years for someone to hit me so I could get the bumper replaced, but, it's all new and shiny now.)

Teaching my little sister how to drive a standard in a car that is too powerful for her. If you've never taught someone how to drive one, I don't recommend doing it. I almost vomited. She's a pro now, but, the learning part, with the jerking of the car while switching gears, would make anyone carsick.

Well, that's about all I can think of off the top of my head right now. I did think about getting rid of her about 18 months ago, but, now that she's paid off....she goes nowhere.