Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Not the Turtle!!!

Four of us competed in the Stonebridge Ranch 10K this past weekend. Our trainer, LaChandra, kicked all our butts, but, I have the winning story! I was not the turtle!!!!! For my non-sports peeps, if you are last in a race, you are called the "turtle". Well, I was the turtle for about 3/4 mile during this race and I was completely freaked. Luckily, after the first water station, I passed a guy. Whew! I felt a little relief...but then I started thinking "What if he quits the race? I'll be the turtle!" But, I just checked the results online and I beat him!!! However, I was so slow apparently that the photographer didn't wait on me. So, no pics of me sweating like a pig in all that humidity.

Thank you, Clay Jensen for running too hard at the beginning so that you became the turtle.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ew and Holy Frick!!!!

The other night when I got home from work, my neighbor comes running over and says, "I've got something to show you." We met in the middle of my driveway and she turns me towards the side of the driveway and holy crap! There was a snake!!!!! I immediately shriek and run the opposite direction. Her husband laughs at me and assures me he's dead. Ew Ew and EW! We chatted and gave our theories on what type of snake it was and how it ended up being dead on the side of the driveway and then parted ways. I was completely freaked still....even though it was dead. Tom came home and I showed it to him and I think he was even a little freaked (though he's so "manly" he'd never admit it). :)

About 30 minutes later, the doorbell rings and it's my other neighbor who I'd only met one time before. He asked me if I had a pet snake. I told him no and the one that was at the side of my driveway was dead. He looked so relieved! Then he tells me that a couple of days ago he was driving in the alley and saw the snake crossing the alley. He immediately ran over it because he was freaked too. He said it was gone by the time he parked and got out of his car so he was stressed for days trying to figure out if he killed a pet. I assured him that was NOT the case.

I've been told that it looks like a chicken/rat snake and they are harmless. As I have been telling everyone ANY snake=venomous killer.

Tom finally threw it in the dumpster last night....again EW EW and EEEWWW!!!

I'm still completely freaked!

Friday, February 25, 2011

So many stories to share....

I know, I know. Haven't' posted in forever. I keep thinking "I need to post ______" because it's hilarious. I just can't ramp up to do it. But, I will!!

So, for now...enjoy some cute pictures!

Adorable picture of Colin on one of the snow days.

Abby - post haircut. She's super cute!