Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Supercross Saturday

It was Supercross Saturday! Larry, Barbie, Tomas and I went the Death Star on Saturday to watch some motorcycle crashes! I have never been to a Supercross race before and I actually had lots of fun. There were tons of crashes which I enjoyed....even one right in front of us where the guy was jumping around after crashed. We think he broke his wrist...ouch! Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate and it was FREEZING walking to and from Jerry World.

The crew walking to the was SO SO SO cold!

The view of track from our seats. Front row in the second section. Good Job Larry!

The smaller bikes racing, I think. There were two different size bikes...all I know is one was louder than the other. Couldn't tell you the difference between the two. Oh, I know! Bigger engine? Larry and Tom were the know-it-alls the entire night. Barbie and I just smiled and nodded.

The corner where most everyone crashed. First curve after the start line. 95% of the bikes would crash. It was greatness!

Our entertainment between the qualifying races and the finals. They did some great tricks, but only did about four jumps. Would have liked to see more....

You have to time it just right to get them in the air...I am awesome.

Oh, even better, Jen!! I am a great photographer!

When we left the stadium, it was a blizzard outside!!!! I thought ahead and brought a hat and scarf (which I unselfishly shared with Barbie)

Overall, we had a great time and are ready for more. I now want to see an entire competition of just the crazy jumping. When is that?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

St. Patty's Day Tri for Senor

I've created a monster. Because of my craziness with athletic crap, I've turned Tom into a crazy person, too. He even did a triathlon by himself because nobody else wanted to do one this early in the year. I enjoyed being a spectator this time. I need to be that person more often! He did the same tri that we did in October, but, it was St. Patrick's Day themed instead of Halloween. He beat his time from the last one so he was excited. Not exciting? The hour wait before he got to start his swim and the 40 degree weather outside. But, he rocked it! Crazy-boy says "One down, five to go." Yep, you heard that right...he wants to do six triathlons THIS year. I'll say it again...I've created a monster.

That's him in the middle lane. He beat his old time by an entire minute. For those who don't swim - that's great!

Freezing his booty after the pool.

Leaving for the 12 mile bike ride.

Coming back in from the ride. I only saw one guy fall from not unclipping his shoes before stopping.

And, he's off for the run! He wanted me to point out how he is "flying" because he's not touching the ground in this photo.

Heading to the finishline. Run Tommy Run!!

His biggest fan...staying nice and warm.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Road Trip!

I went to visit Marly and Christopher a couple of weeks ago and got to carpool with Elizabeth who was headed to see friends, too. I love a road trip! I picked up Chick Fil-A for lunch on Friday and what did Elizabeth bring? Dessert!! We love love love Tiff's Treats! We had our tasty treats and then saw signs for Buc-ee's and knew we had to stop. Elizabeth had been told that we had to try "Beaver Nuggets", but, we passed on them. They didn't look very appetizing, but, her friend Tiffany, swears they are delicious. We opted for other bad stuff. You'll see below....

How could we not resist this? Hilarous!

Elizabeth just had to have gummi worms. Apparently, she was not allowed to have them as a child and now must eat them whenever she sees them.

I love chocolate pretzels! What's not to love? Sweet and salty? Delicious combo.

I had a fun-filled weekend with Marly and Christopher. We shopped like crazy people (which is what usually happens when we get together). I may have purchased five pairs of shoes. But, Robin says that flip flops are not considered shoes, so, I only bought four pairs of shoes. :)

We shopped, ate, watched Olympics, bowled, and drank a few tasty beverages. Whew! I also got Marly completely into the USA vs Canada hockey game on Sunday. I was the "pro" telling her what everything meant (Tom would be so proud). We were both screaming at the TV. It was good that Christopher had gone to a friend's house to play...there may have been cussing.

Marly and me before going out on Friday night.

It was so beautiful on Sunday, we took a long walk and Christopher played in the park.

Marly also gave him a bike-riding lesson, too.

I had a blast in Houston and tons of laughs with Elizabeth and our carpooling. We talked about everything! Thanks for driving, E!