Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Random Going-ons

Here's the problem with having a blog: I end up taking my camera everywhere and taking photos and then don't end up posting them. Sigh! So, here was my weekend....

Friday night: had game night at Barbie & Larry's. We ate Campisi's pizza (yummy), drank Miller Lite, and played Rock Band. I think Cindy and I fought for winner of the singing part. I suck at playing any of the instruments. Amanda, Larry, Barbie and Tomas were much better than me.

Went to the Scarborough Fair this past Saturday with a bunch of peeps. I've never been to the fair before and we had a pretty good time. Not only do the people who work at the fair dress up, but, so do the visitors. Um, some of these ladies did NOT need to be wearing a corset. I almost saw nip on three or four different women. Eek! I think it was fun as a one time thing to go to, but, I don't feel a need to go back again.

The Joust. Our guy won (we sat in the right area, apparently).

Full gear - this actually looked really painful. They hit each other pretty hard.

This dude is balancing on his head! He was upside-down for a long time. His face was as red as his shirt. He was a tad too old to be doing this and we were afraid he'd have a stroke at any time.

Colin was obsessed about riding a llama or horse....he decided last minute that a cow is what he needed to ride. Silly boy.

Here he is again....

Jackson practiced his bow & arrow skills. He did pretty good!

Sunday - Tomas had another triathlon. He FINALLY got a new road bike and was SO excited about this tri so he could ride it.

Swimming away...

Riding his bike...the wind was about 30 mph so it was not a pleasant ride for him.

And finally, the run.

Sunday night, we decided to be Chefs and made "Perfect Roast Beef" and "Scalloped Potatoes". Delicious!! I was designated the food peeler and chopper and was not allowed to be the recipe reader/follower. I guess he wanted to be able to eat the dinner this time.

Pre-cooked....look at those chopped veggies and sliced potatoes. Great job, Jen!

Ready to eat!! We put the potatoes back into the oven for a broil to brown the top. I didn't get a picture of them because it was 9pm by the time all this food was ready and I was starving!

Next up: Half Marathon this weekend....yikes!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I Love My Girls!

Not dirty minded people! Get outta the gutter! And, if your mind didn't immediately go there, then I am disappointed in you.

I meant my girlfriends! A bunch of us got together last night for mambo taxis and brisket quesadillas. The taxis were flowing and I was on a roll. Sometimes my mouth gets ahead of my brain...well, most of the time. Great thing about friends...they roll right with you. I think every person got made fun of at some point during the meal (I know I did...will never live down 50 Cent) and also their significant other (Sorry Senor...). You are free game if you aren't there. We discussed future travel plans - start thinking ladies for early summer 2011.

We celebrated an early birthday and the pregos. Do we ever really need a reason to celebrate with drinks/dinner? I think not. Just picking a day of the week when we can all get together is celebration enough.

To quote pregnant Jules..."I can't wait to be hung over again" with you guys soon!