Sunday, November 9, 2008

It's OVER! No more running for me!

Horrific, Horrible....I can't think of any other "H" words to describe the entire day of the New York Marathon. Hell? True. But, I completed it! That was my goal...not a time goal, just completion and to get the silly medal.

Here is my dad and I before we left the hotel. Don't we look happy? We had no idea what was to come.

We had to be at the start line at 6:30am, but, the our wave start wasn't until 10:20am. So, we sat on this hard concrete block in 40 degree weather with icy 15mph winds for four hours. It was FREEZING!
Here is the Verrazano Bridge where we started the race. The bridge is 2 1/2 miles long. It's not easy to run on a bridge and it's where we start the horrific 26.2 miles.
Here are spectators and runners dancing in Brooklyn. Runners were stopping to dance with the spectators. Crazy!
Here's my dad running backwards in Brooklyn. :)

Here is the dreaded Queensboro bridge that takes you from Queens into Manhattan around mile 16. IT SUCKED! Most were walking across this bridge....of course, we were part of the slower group.
We met Kris and Teresa right after we exited the bridge. They were taking pictures and cheering us on. We definitely needed the pick me up.
Um, especially me. Nice face, Jen!

Here we are after the finish with our "keep warm" gear.

After the race, Kris and Teresa decided they were going to put us in a bike cab to get us back to our hotel. In their drunken state (they had quite a few drinks after they saw us at mile 16), they decided that a bike cab would be quicker than a regular cab. It was the scariest ride that I've ever been on. The bike driver had no fear of real cabs or big delivery trucks. He also showed no respect for red lights. Just cruised right through them. It was the most frightening 30 blocks that I've ever experienced (and never want to experience again).
Overall, the experience sucked and I never want to do it again. :)
I'm happy to be a spectator and cheer anyone else on as they run 26.2 miles.