Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bike Riding + Mud = what do you think?

Let me tell you this: you should never ride bikes with someone who has a mountain bike and you have a road bike. They do NOT understand slick tires. I have no traction on my tires, people! My bike is for roadways only. I thought that was what we were going to do today. Unfortunately, after the rain this morning, the trail was not clean and dry.

About a mile and half into the ride was when it happened...let me set the scene. We were coming around a lake/pond where there were people feeding the ducks and walking around on the path. I was following Tom and coming around the corner. He sees a couple walking on the path and attempts to go around them. His back tire slips so he slows down and gets back behind the couple. He didn't tell me that he was slowing down so I either had to hit him or try and go around. I chose to go mistake. I went straight into the mud and went down. As my fellow bike riders will tell you, it's hard to stop a fall and if you're clipped in, you are cooked. Thankfully, I had a helmet on because my head did quite the bounce on the ground. I did smash my sunglasses into my nose. The mud broke my fall so I didn't end up with road rash, but, I had mud everywhere. Being the trooper that I am, I continued the ten mile ride (as I have said before, I am awesome).

When we finished, Tom could barely get his shoes off before running into the house to get the camera so we would have a permanent reminder of this.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My perspective...

People have been sharing their photos from last week's snow on facebook and other blogs, so, I thought I'd share mine:

My house on Friday morning

My street

These next pictures are the same angle, but, different day/times.
The backyard on Thursday morning

Second angle of the backyard on Thursday morning

Thursday evening

Thursday evening

Friday morning after the buckets of snow

Friday morning....poor tree is down

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Julia Childs, I am not.

I tried to cook tonight. Should we just leave it at that? Of course not.

Last week, Robin sent me a chipotle chicken and rice recipe and said "It's really yummy and easy." This should have been a red flag. I am a moron when it comes to the kitchen. This is why I chose my roommates based on their cooking ability.

Back to my I went to the grocery store on Sunday and purchased all the ingredients. It took me about 15 minutes standing in front of the mexican food area to find "Chipotle Chiles in Adobo Sauce". There were two different size cans, what was I supposed to do? I bought both. I kept saying in my head, "yummy and easy, yummy and easy".

I came home from the gym tonight and was ready to cook! I had the Chef's apron on and everything. Cooked my chicken, diced the onions and on to the garlic. Um, honestly, I don't think that I've ever used real garlic (always used the jar of minced garlic). I didn't even know how to peel it. Tomas had to do it. Yep, that's what I said.

So, if I can't even peel garlic, do you think that I would thoroughly read the directions to the recipe? Exactly. I'm just going along, pouring the ingredients into the big pot and stirring....then, it calls for "2 canned chipotle chiles in adobo, minced". I read "2 cans of chipotle chiles in adobo, minced". Since I bought the different sized cans, I decided to use the big can. I wondered what I was supposed to do....shrugged my shoulders and dumped the entire can into the pot. Finished up the cooking and it was smelling delicious! "Yummy and Easy"

Tomas and I got our plates and beverages and sat down to eat. SWEET LORD. Holy Moly. Jeez. Zoinks. KaPow.

Apparently, I was supposed to pull 2 chiles out of the can, dice them up, and put them into the pot. I poured the entire can in there....10 chiles.

I......AM.......A.......MORON.'s okay to be ashamed.

I must now go eat the entire bottle of Pepcid.