Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Disco Sucko!

Hottest Freaking Day of the Year. That's how I'm going to describe the Disco Triathlon. It blew. We were miserable the entire time. People ask me "Why the heck do these things have to start so early?" Well, I'll tell ya. By 8:30am, you are a SWEATING machine! Dang you, humidity!!

Now, for the funny story parts:

The swim wasn't too bad. The water was actually cooler this year than last year which was nice. It was still disgusting lake water that you can't see more than a foot in front of you while underwater, but, it was better. I got kicked in the boob once and a few times in the legs. I almost got kicked in the face, but, I saw that foot coming at the last minute and immediately took my face out of the water. I would have been seriously pissed if I got kicked in the face.

The bike was yucko! It's so freaking hilly out there and I was tired already! It's an out/back so you ride 8.5 miles down the road and turn around and ride the 8.5 miles back (for my non-cyclist followers). Unfortunately, you see all the hills that you have to ride back on so it's kind of a bummer. Let me back up a second. You have to wear a timing chip around your ankle during the triathlon so they can post everyones results online. This year, they had a new timing chip that was disposable. You know those bands that you get at waterparks? That's pretty much what it was with a little square thing attached that was the actual timing chip. I put it on my right ankle which was fine for the swim part. Well, during the biking portion, the end of the band got caught in my derailer and ripped the entire thing off. So, I had to stop my bike and pick it up. The band was beyond repair so I couldn't reattach to my ankle. I had no pockets so I ended up looping it through my sports bra and continuing on my ride. The last few miles of the ride were really tough and I kept thinking, "Wow, this is a lot harder than I remember." But, I FINALLY reached the transition area. Unfortunately, nobody told me that the timing chip has to be near the ground in order to be read so I have no times for the rest of the day. It's like I didn't even participate! Blerg! However, I did still get my medal at the end. So there!

The run was a joke. I was so overheated at this point that I walked most of it. I did "run" when I was in the shade and going downhill...which wasn't very often. It was so hot that they were passing out cold wet paper towels to put around your neck. Miserable!!!

We picked up Chipotle on our way home (tradition for after triathlons) and went home. While Tom was getting my bike out from the back of the truck, he noticed that my back tire was completely flat. HELLLOOO.....that's why that dang bike ride was so hard at the end. I was on a FREAKING FLAT! Thanks for telling me, people who rode past me.

Tomas - post race

Me - post race...didn't even attempt to stand up. I was SO done!

Baby Cash's Pre-Party

We (Barbie, Wendy and I) hosted Julie's baby shower this past Saturday. We got to catch up with most of our peeps, drink a little leaded punch, and watch Julie open some cute gifts. One of Julie's friends from work flew in Julie's best friend, Shelby, from North Carolina to surprise her. She was SO surprised that there were tears and giddiness throughout the shower. Look at those delicious cupcakes above!! Yummy!

Mama Julie & Nana

Me & Shelby

Shelby, Barbie, Julie & Cindy catching up.

A few delicious treats for everyone.

The Leaded & Unleaded punch....the leaded was quite enjoyed.

Julie opening some her gifts.

Giddy Julie with an adorable new outfit for Cash.

Monday, July 12, 2010

How do I make it stop?

Is it just my email or does this happen to you? Random words or dates are highlighted in the body of the email and if you happen to run the mouse over that word, a window pops up?

I don't need to see the meaning of "Northpark". I know that it's the mall!!! They don't even get it pops up:

Home - North Park University - Christian, Urban,...
The mission of North Park University is to prepare students for lives of significance and service through education

Any have any idea how to turn this off? Annoying!!