Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving Fun

Ever had a peach martini? They are divine! After two Thanksgiving meals on Thursday, Tom and I jetted to California on Friday morning to spend a few days with Dad and Teresa. We got to see my Grandma for a little while on Friday and she is still a feisty young lady who turns 79 yrs old next week. I sure do miss our shopping trips together. NOBODY shopped like my granny.

Friday night, the four of us went to dinner in Anaheim at a restaurant called The White House. We've been there before (maybe almost got kicked out....those peach martinis) so we knew we'd have a great time. You'll see from the pictures below they had some delicious drinks!

That may have been the third or fourth martini....

Teresa and Dad giggling...

This is what happens when you try to take a self portrait after said martinis.....I cut off his head!

That's better!

Look! There's snow in southern California!!!

Before we had left for dinner, part of the electricity went out in Dad and T's house. It was in the family room and the bedroom that we were staying in. We assumed a breaker had been tripped but we couldn't figure out which one because they were all "on" and nothing was labeled. So, Saturday morning, we turned on all the lights in the entire house and went one by one to see which breaker effected what area of the house. After going through all the breakers about three different times, we couldn't figure it out. We were really starting to get ticked b/c the family room is the only room downstairs that has a TV and we were missing college football and Game Day on ESPN! Dad finally called someone he knows that is an electrician and he came over and in less than thirty seconds fixed it. Apparently, we weren't "throwing" the switch hard enough and it wasn't connecting. What?!?! Oh, whatever.

See the extension cord? We couldn't take not having TV so we ran an extension cord from the surge protector to the kitchen so we could watch. My bright idea, thank you!

Princess Tiffany...gracing us with her presence.

Saturday night, we went to the USC/Notre Dame game. It was great people watching and as soon as the game really starting hopping....the skies opened up. After getting soaked for about 20 minutes, we decided to head to the car. USC lost (poor Dad and T).

Sunday morning was football, football and more football. Our flight wasn't until mid-afternoon so we got to watch the first game and eat delicious pastrami sandwiches.

Had a great time and the White House is on the itinerary for the next trip out!

View from our seats

Look at this skank!!! I have no words. Wait, yes I do! What a skank!!!

Getting soaked.

Aren't we adorable?

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Cindy said...

Looks like fun! I'm definitely interested in a peach martini!!