Sunday, November 14, 2010

San Antonio

Woo Hoo! I got to be a spectator! Senor, Kris, and my dad ran the San Antonio half marathon last weekend and I didn't. Again, Woo Hoo! Kris and Dad were supposed to run the full marathon, but due to injuries, ended up running the half. It was a fast trip down to San Antonio (flew down on Saturday morning and flew home Sunday evening). But, we managed to sightsee the Alamo and eat tons of mexican food.

That's Tomas in the grey shirt. On the right side of this picture is the back of Teresa's head. Somehow that is the only picture I got of her throughout the weekend. Sneaky girl!

X-Tina at mile 8.

Dad, delirious at mile 8....don't know why he is running backwards.

Senor at the finish line. He hasn't taken that medal off's been over a week now.

Jackson and his mom. His sign says, "My mom can outrun your mom".

Kris and Jackson in front of the Alamo. You can't really tell it's the Alamo because they would be tiny if I had backed up enough so you could see the entire building.

Our usual self portrait.

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