Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Beautiful and Adorable Christmas Cards

I have to admit..I love to get mail. Not the bills, of course. Random cards or anything really. I can barely contain myself walking up to the house from the mailbox when I get something personal. Usually, I've opened the envelope before I've made it into the house. So you know that Christmas is especially fun with all the cards coming in. I am a big slacker in sending out Christmas cards. I did get on the bandwagon last year with my infamous photo, but, I got lazy this year.

Back to this year...I've received lots of great cards. Yesterday, I even received a note from the post office. It said that I had a letter that needed to be picked up and "postage due" was checked. hhhmmm, odd. I sat there for awhile and contemplated what it could be. Tom came home and I showed him the note and he didn't have any ideas, either. Then, it came to me. I told him my guess. Before I tell you that I WAS RIGHT, I'll finish the story chronologically. My little note said that I had to pick up the letter the next day after 8:30am at the post office. Okay, no problem. I'll just be late for work.

Fast forward to this morning: off to the post office I go. Have you ever tried to go to the post office before Christmas? People are frantically trying to get their packages to their destination, but, they've already missed the deadline to get it there by Christmas Eve. Oh, the horror!

There was a man in front of me that just couldn't understand how the post office couldn't get his letter to Austin by 7am tomorrow morning. They could guarantee by noon, but, not by 7am (really, noon wouldn't work? If it's that important, you can drive it down there faster). He went round and round with the postman. If I were that postman, I would have smacked him up side head. Finally, he got it that the post office will not get his letter to his destination. The postman suggests Fed Ex....the moron guy asks him where it was located. I think the postman knew, but, was so annoyed by this guy, he said "I have no idea." The guy then asked for a phone book! I was about to smack him at this point. Finally, he leaves.

My turn, my turn!!! I give him my little note and returns with my letter. I had to pay my postage due before he would even hand me the letter. I grabbed it eagerly, hoping that I had some relative that I never met before send me an enormous sum of money.

What was it, you ask? A square-shaped Christmas card. I will say that it's a cute square-shaped card, but, you have to put extra postage on square cards!!!! I won't call you out, card-sender, but, you owe me 20 cents and I will collect!

Merry Christmas Everyone!! Woo Hoo, holiday spirit.


elizabeth said...

Oh, suck. That's me. And 9 other people received that card and must have gotten that note! Haha...

RobinBrant said...

How funny! At least you had some good people watching.

Megan said...

That's hilarious. The post office this time of year is like staning in a line to hell. I relate to your frustration with that.