Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Not the Turtle!!!

Four of us competed in the Stonebridge Ranch 10K this past weekend. Our trainer, LaChandra, kicked all our butts, but, I have the winning story! I was not the turtle!!!!! For my non-sports peeps, if you are last in a race, you are called the "turtle". Well, I was the turtle for about 3/4 mile during this race and I was completely freaked. Luckily, after the first water station, I passed a guy. Whew! I felt a little relief...but then I started thinking "What if he quits the race? I'll be the turtle!" But, I just checked the results online and I beat him!!! However, I was so slow apparently that the photographer didn't wait on me. So, no pics of me sweating like a pig in all that humidity.

Thank you, Clay Jensen for running too hard at the beginning so that you became the turtle.

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